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Yoga for Arthritis Level I Teacher Training with Dr. Steffany Moonaz

Yoga for Arthritis was developed by yoga researcher and arthritis expert Steffany Moonaz, PhD, along with an interdisciplinary team, including rheumatologists, psychologists, public health researchers and yoga therapists. Combining ancient yoga practices with modern medical knowledge, this program offers modifications to address the unique abilities and limitations of persons with arthritis. In a 7-year randomized clinical trial at Johns Hopkins University, the program’s participation was associated with improved arthritis symptoms, physical fitness, psychological functioning and quality of life. Such evidence is vital for bridging the integrative yoga world with medical healthcare, making these practices more accessible to those who really need them.

This training program trains yoga teachers to safely and effectively impart rigorously researched yoga practices, with individually-tailored modifications, to those with arthritis and related conditions. As a result of taking this Yoga for Arthritis teacher training program, participants will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the most common arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, etc.

  • Understand joint anatomy and pathophysiology as related to arthritis in depth

  • Offer modifications for joint limitations and chronic pain

  • Teach Yoga for Arthritis classes in their communities

Work individually with arthritic clients of all ability levels

Prerequisite: 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

34 CE with Yoga Alliance


  • Full: $595 plus materials fee

  • Early Bird: $550 (plus materials fee) before July 1

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Yoga For Amputees with Marsha Therese Danzig

We are pleased to announce that YAFA is hosting Marsha Therese Danzig, Yoga for Amputees teacher training. This amazing workshop will be held December 6-8. More information and registration will be available soon.

New Yoga class offered by YAFA:

Yoga for Caregivers

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New Yoga class offered by YAFA:

Yoga for Parkinson’s

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YAFA Fundraising Class January 1st, 2019

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Self Determination Conference 2018