Yoga is an art form much like music - moving with the rhythm of your body, creating your personal melody with your mind, and living in harmony with your hearts desire. 

Each class will begin with chanting and sounding, followed by movement to music and end with a guided meditation that assists you with listening within and to be in your own creative flow of life. 

Join Iris Mickey, Certified Yoga Therapist from YAFA: Yoga Accessible for All, for a class at VSA Wisconsin’s Art Center at 1709 Aberg Avenue, Suite 1, on Madison’s Northside. All classes are donation based.


SATURDAY, JULY 13th at 11:a.m.

Donation Suggestions: $3-$10 per class; All proceeds go directly to VSA, to be used to ensure that ongoing expressive yoga programs will be accessible regardless of financial status.

Look for information coming soon about ongoing  expressive yoga classes at the Art Center in the fall! 

Contact: Iris Mickey

Free Yoga Class at the Disability Pride Festival

Saturday, July 27th at 2:00pm at Tenney Park. 1500 N Sherman Ave.

Join Iris Mickey, Certified Yoga Therapist

We will meet under the shade of a tent.  Come one come all! Everyone is Welcome! Wheelchairs and other mobility devices welcome. Sign language Interpreter will be present. We will be practicing just with our body and our breath - no props necessary! 

Yoga for Parkinson’s

 2 8 week Courses: East and West Locations 

 GHC- West Location Tuesdays 2:30-3:30  June 11- August 6

TAC- East Location  Thursdays 2:30-3:30  June 13- August 8



Tuesday 2:30-3:30 :

Chair Yoga at the temporary location of Group Health Cooperative : 5301 Tokay Blvd

No need to get up and down off the floor. Work on Postural Alignment , Stay Limber, and Relieve Stress .

Thursday 2:30-3:30

UW- The American Center American Parkway. 4602 EastPark Blvd in Wellness Studio

Class includes poses done seated, standing and on our backs on yoga mats. Ability to get up and down from the floor with minimal physical assist is recommended. No yoga experience necessary. All props provided.

Class Description

Each class uses research based movement and breathing techniques to enhance your skills for daily living and increase your sense of well being.  Ends with seated or lying down guided meditation.

All levels of mobility welcome! No experience required

* Assistance and all props available at both locations *

Yoga is an evidence-based breath and movement practice that brings with it a sense of well being. This class will be done with the assist of a chair to support our movements. We will work on balance, making large movements that support our natural join range of motion and cross lateral movements that support the brain-body connection to function at its best. Join Iris Mickey, Certified Yoga Therapist and Co-founder of YAFA: Yoga Accessible for All for this 8 week series for just $75.


Send check for $75 made to C4CS: 

Mail to C4CS with a note that this is for YAFA Yoga Class.

Mail to : C4CS  354 W Main St. #122

Madison, WI  53703  

To register please   Contact Iris Mickey  446-4600