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Yoga Accessible for All is a specialized 501C non profit studio dedicated to  offering yoga programs that meet the differing needs of groups of people with life and health challenges.  Our studio and programs are meant to offer classes that invite those who typically may not come to yoga because of varying challenges.  Your issues could be anything from the normal issues of aging, to recovery from injury or dis-ease, mental health challenges, or other challenges that make yoga seem impossible, inappropriate or uninviting.  Our mission is to help anyone who wants to experience the universal benefits of yoga find a class that meets them where the need to start their practice. We adapt yoga to meet the needs of the people in the program, so that it turn from a " I Cant " to an I Can Do Yoga experience.


Temporary Locations are in various local locations.

We are looking for our new home base, where all programs will be held and where we will have community space for YAFA gatherings.


Look for new upcoming classes at Arts for All Center.

Check out this great community partner! https://www.artsforallwi.org



  • yoga mats and blocks

  • strap

  • chair

  • bolsters

  • blankets

  • balls